Other Events and Outings

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The ‘Cadman’ outing, which the Society arranges every summer, is named after Dorothy Cadman. She was born in Woolwich in 1904. Her family moved to Charing where they ran a poultry farm on the top of Charing Hill.

She was an enthusiastic member of the History Society and when she died in Charing in 1990 she left a legacy to the society, hoping it might be used to build a small history society research room as an extension to Charing Library. Unfortunately the costs were too high, so it was decided to keep the capital and use the income to subsidise the cost of coaches on the annual outings, so that all members might benefit.

Until recently this made a significant difference to the cost of the outing, and we hope that one day soon it may do so again. In her honour, therefore, the outing has become known as the ‘Cadman outing’.

NB: The society holds the outing, usually, during May. However, the 2020 event will not take place due to the pandemic.


 updated 3/4//2020